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About Us

In its more than twenty-year history, ALITER-AXI has developed scientific, technological, design and production services which are able to deal with the issues of engineering, manufacturing, supply and installation of process equipment operating at high temperatures in different industries. The most considerable experience has been accumulated in oil refining and petrochemistry (fired heaters, reaction furnaces, combustion chambers, refractory linings of FCCU), aluminum smelting (linings for melting furnaces, mixers, and gutters), nitrogen industry (linings for primary and secondary reformers, manifolds and pipelines). We have developed multiple solutions regarding lining design and refractory applications in power engineering, incineration, cement industry, ferrous metallurgy, bricks and ceramics production. In these twenty years, we have accomplished and implemented more than two hundred projects of major repair, reconstruction and new construction of furnaces and furnace blocks at most oil refineries of the former USSR, in Bulgaria, Bosnia and Romania.


ALITER-AXI comprises:

— Chemical Engineering Plant
— Refractory Production Plant
— Technical Director’s Department of Contract Conclusion and Implementation
— Design Department
— Refractory Department

Organizational structure.

The structure of the company is organized in a way that allows dealing efficiently with a wide range of activity-related issues – from making recommendations on thermal units repair, supply of refractory materials, individual elements and blocks for repair, to integrated works on reconstruction or construction of furnaces, blocks of petrochemical, oil refining and other industrial units on a turnkey basis.

Each department not only takes part in the accomplishment of a common task, but also handles its own separate tasks and implements contracts within its competence. We analyze furnace blocks operational efficiency, carry out furnace normalization projects, major repair projects for individual furnaces and equipment, produce refractory mixes and items, fabricate alloy steel fastening elements.