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Fired Heaters

Fired heaters are an integral part of almost any oil refining and petrochemistry process. At the moment there is no more cost-effective and efficient product heating process than that by heat generated during fuel combustion. It is exactly what fired heaters are used for.

Heaters can be classified according to many characteristics, for example: radiant chamber geometry (vertical and box-type), radiant coil configuration (horizontal and vertical), type of fuel combustion (round flame, flat flame and radiant wall), number of radiant chambers (single-chamber and multichamber), operating procedure or installation type, and many others.

In some cases, where only conventional fired heaters are used, heaters serve as auxiliary equipment.

Chemical reaction heaters (or furnaces) are used where a chemical process is carried out inside the heater. In this case they serve as the main process equipment, for example, in thermal destructive processes: visbreaking, thermal cracking and delayed coking, in hydrogen production units, pyrolysis units, etc.

ALITER-AXI has qualified staff and a set of software necessary to perform full calculations, designs and to manufacture any types of fired heaters, in particular:

Heaters of Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation Units

Secondary Process Heaters

Lube Oil Refining Heaters

Heaters of Thermal Destruction Units

Oil and Gas Processing Heaters