Design of Non-Standard Equipment

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Design of Non-Standard Equipment

In addition to the items and equipment presented in the website sections, the production facilities of our company allow us to manufacture some types of non-standard equipment. Such equipment can be manufactured according to either drawings or technical specifications provided by the Customer.

The term non-standard equipment refers to the equipment that falls outside of ALITER-AXI’s core areas of activity. However, we are eager to participate in project development, look for technical solutions and manufacture equipment for companies that have another area of activity. We are ready to obtain any missing certificates or licenses necessary for manufacturing of such equipment.

Examples of non-standard products include valve skids and diving chamber RBK-2200.

We manufactured and supplied valve skids of fuel and product lines for ROSPAN (Novyi Urengoi) and Tatneft (Almetevsk).

The valve skid, manufactured according to detailed design documentation worked out by ALITER-AXI, was designed to control and regulate product parameters (pressure, temperature, flow rate). It was made as a welded structure consisting of pipes, pipeline fittings and valves. We supplied the valve skid to Tatneft as a part of a module. Along with the valve skid we provided the Customer with instrumentation and control equipment. All the necessary tests had been carried out in ALITER-AXI’s workshop, after that the valve skid was packed and shipped as an end item.

In 2017 ALITER-AXI manufactured the casing of RBK-2200 diving chamber for Divetechnoservice LLC. Diving chamber RBK-2200 is used to provide divers with appropriate working environment in conditions of excess internal pressure, to conduct works in accordance with the underwater diving technology, as well as to administer first aid in accordance with the rules of design and safe operation of diving chambers.